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Small Wonder


Small Wonder

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suddenly overcome with deep sadness hearing my mom tell someone on the phone ‘yeah, montana is home for good! no, she works a little but she isn’t doing anything’ 

great i am doing nothing and i live at home

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Anonymous said: That is terrible mirror/toilet positioning.

I should really know better by now

work look 1

work look 1

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i wish

i wish

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work i abandoned because i felt gross editing it in the lab at school

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“eventually our hearts can’t seem to bear 

all the folding and the molding 

and the wear and the tear 

and they start to rip 

as we start to die 

and we know that there is nothing we can do 

but admit that we’re scared of changing 

and some things just are better not to keep inside ”

Listen/purchase: Greater Than (>) by Sharpless

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@racheldemy Pre-Versace prep mayhem. // New York, NY #stvincent2014


@racheldemy Pre-Versace prep mayhem. // New York, NY #stvincent2014


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hey internet, im still looking for a job in the nyc area. if you have a booking agent that needs an assistant, maybe you know of any independent labels with some positions available, any venues hiring, or even if i could just send you my resume to be passed along, please let me know! any help would be greatly appreciated <3

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Bellows, Shea Stadium, 8/29/14


Bellows, Shea Stadium, 8/29/14

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I bought some hair this week

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